The Truck Puller

Among Travis Coomer’s passions of the oil business and moonshine, he also craves horsepower.

Coomer has been in the sport since the 1970’s, has over 400 career wins, and is a former world champion truck puller with his two-wheel-drive truck also called Black Gold, another homage to his successful oil business. Travis drives a late model Chevrolet which is powered by a 470 cubic inch big block V8 engine that runs in excess of 1,000 horsepower. 

He competes in the two-wheel drive truck class. It truly takes a superior driver to compete in this class as most of the time, since the truck is balanced on the rear wheels, it is mostly unsteerable. The driver has to move around the cab to off-balance the weight in order to somewhat steer the truck when the front wheels are off the ground.

His son Steven Coomer also competes in the class, both as a teammate and competitor. He also drives a late-model Chevrolet called Young Buck.

His competitive spirit and high-performance truck has had many competitors accuse him of cheating. He has gained as many colleagues as he has enemies in the sport. Travis continues to remain one of the top pullers in the country.