The Shine

There were times when oil was plentiful enough that it sold for under $10 per barrel. It was at these times Travis had to find an alternative means of reliable income, and instead of selling oil at $10 a barrel, he could sell moonshine at $80 per gallon.

Travis has been making moonshine for over 30 years and has a true passion for the craft of making homemade spirits. Making moonshine isn’t exactly a legal endeavor, and now that he has been successful in the oil industry, he has decided to take his craft and turn it into a legitimate business venture. In the past few years the popularity of moonshine has skyrocketed, but Travis claims that he makes the “best” moonshine in Kentucky.

Travis has teamed up with successful businessman, Tom McConnell in order to make this dream a reality. The moonshine brand is named “Travis Coomer’s Black Gold Moonshine” as a tribute to his love of the oil business. "Coomer's Country" will showcase the process of this venture from concept to the finished bottled product which will be available on store shelves soon.


Signature Blend
This is where it all started. Travis enjoyed the flavor of corn whiskey, but he wished it could be smoother. So Travis came up with a unique blend that gives unsurpassed smoothness and the bold flavor one expects out of a whiskey from Kentucky.  Sip like a whiskey or use in you favorite mixed drinks as a substitute for gin, vodka or tequila for a unique taste.
Lemon Squeeze
This is one of Travis Coomer’s favorite Moonshines. After years of working in the oil fields during the hot summer days in Southern Kentucky, Travis came up with a drink to cool you down in the summer heat, one that tastes good all year long. No need to mix this Moonshine with anything, you can chill it, pour it over ice, or just open the bottle and enjoy the refeshing citrus with a kick!
Cinnamon Flameout
Sometimes when you drill an oil well, things don’t go as planned and Flamout Cinnamon Flavored Moonshine honors those “hot” situations like when an oil well explodes, and that’s exactly what Flameout does, exploding with cinnamon flavor! Get that kick you’re looking for with Black Gold Flameout Moonshine!