The Oil Man

Travis was born and raised into the oil business. He bought his first drilling rig for $40,000. The rig was completely inoperable. Travis, being a self-taught jack-of-all-trades, completely restored the rig back to working order piece by piece within the timespan of a year. In October of 2012, he struck a massive oil well that produced over 100 barrels of oil per day.

Coomer’s unique approach to the business and interesting character landed him a spot on the Discovery Channel’s television series “Backyard Oil”. The show focused around similar characters who ended up very successful in the business, while focusing on smaller oil and gas deposits scattered around more rural areas in the region.

The oil business can be a cutthroat industry where a handshake can make or break a deal. It is full of colorful characters, both of both hero and villain stature.

The process of finding a producing and profitable oil well is a very difficult and demanding job, requiring travel to some of the most remote wilderness in the region. There is vast amounts of land that has been practically untouched by human intervention, and these areas are largely unexplored. Knowing the specific geological signs that indicate an oil or natural gas deposit is within reach is essential in the business.

There is a significant cost in the locating and drilling of a new oil well, but that cost can ultimately lead to massive rewards if the well produces. Travis has been in the business for decades and continues to successfully locate and drill producing wells. As this is his primary source of income, this aspect of his life will be portrayed in “Coomer’s Country” along side both the cooperation and conflict of his competitors.