Travis Coomer could be described as a cross between Boss Hog and Uncle Jessie rolled up into one. He is a successful oil man based out of Columbia, KY. He actually has a producing oil well in his back yard, having accidentally discovered the oil deposit while landscaping. Travis is an extremely interesting, highly intelligent and perhaps slightly crazy good ol' country boy living in North Central Kentucky.

Travis was featured on the television show “Backyard Oil” which was broadcast on the Discovery Channel in 2013. He is a simple and colorful character, yet a shrewd businessman and a rebel.  Travis has been successful in the sport of Truck Pulling and also makes his own moonshine.

"Coomer's Country" features all the things that make a good Southern-style TV show.  The show features Travis's day-to-day adventures and all of the drama and colorful characters that come with the being in the oil business, as well as the production from start-to-finish of his very own brand of Kentucky Moonshine.

"Coomer's Country" will also feature many local destinations in and around Kentucky and Indiana as Travis travels throughout the area for his job and involvement in truck pulling.

Be sure to tune in to Season 2 on Sundays beginning January 7, 2018
8:30am ET on Destination America