From the heart of the Kentucky Oil Patch, where the first oil well was drilled in the United States, comes an American Original…

Travis Coomer’s Black Gold Moonshine.

Travis Coomer’s Black Gold Moonshine was something made out of the art and appreciation of distilling. Only a select few of  Travis’ friends were ever able to sample and enjoy the unique flavors, and now they are available for everyone to enjoy!

As Seen on "Coomer's Country"

"Coomer's Country" Season Two airs on Sundays at 8:30am ET beginning Jan. 7 2018.
on Destination America

Three UNIQUE Moonshines

Travis Coomer’s Black Gold Moonshine comes in several delicious flavors. Travis’ Signature Blend is good old-fashioned corn whiskey. Try Lemon Squeeze on a hot day for a refreshing drink. For the more adventureous types who like a little fire with their drink, try Cinnamon Flameout.

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